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The AppXtender connection type is a CMIS Binding that connects Grooper to the ApplicationXtender document management platform for import and export operations. 

ApplicationXtender is a content management system utilizing Microsoft.NET capabilities to store documents and associated metadata online.  It stores documents in file cabinets it calls "applications". Creating an AppXtender connection will allow you to access an existing AX file cabinet.  Once connected, you can import, export, search, and browse documents from Grooper.

Version Differences

Prior to 2.72, you would have used the old CMIS Import and CMIS Export Providers. The old CMIS Import still exists in Grooper as a deprecated component. CMIS Export has been split into Mapped and Unmapped Export providers (Mapped Export being similar to how CMIS Export formerly functioned). For increased functionality in 2.72, create an AppExtender Connection Type and utilize the new CMIS Import and CMIS Export capabilities.

In order to connect to ApplicationXtender in versions before 2.72, you had to create a Grooper Service to facilitate the connection.  You no longer have to do that utilizing the AppXtender CMIS binding.  Creating a new connection to AppXtender is now as simple as creating a new CMIS Connection and editing a few properties.

How To: Create a New AppXtender Connection

Add the CMIS Connection

Expand the "Infrastructure" node.  Right click the "CMIS Connections" folder.  Mouse over "Add" and select "CMIS Connection...".


Set the Connection Type

In the "Connection Properties" panel, drop down the list of available "Connection Types" and select "AppXtender".


Enter the Connection Information

Expand the "Connection Settings" heading.  Enter your web services URL, data source, user name and password in the appropriate fields.


Query Repositories

After you Save, press "List Repositories" to display a list of all connected repositories (or "applications" as ApplicationXtender calls them).



Property Default Value Information
Connection Settings
AX Web Services URL //http:~/~/localhost/  (% style="background-color:transparent; font-size:1.3rem" %)AppXtenderServices/ AxServicesInterface.asmx// Enter your ApplicationXtender WebServices URL here.
Data Source Name Enter which data source in ApplicationXtender you wish to connect to.
User Name Enter your user name you use to login to ApplicationXtender.
Password Enter the password for said user name.
Content Mode ImageOnly This controls how document content is extracted from ApplicationXtender. It can be one of three values.
  • Image Only - All documents will be returned as multipage TIFF images.
  • Native - Documents will be returned in their native format
    • Populates a new property > **Default Mime Type**: This allows you to set a MIME type to be reported for documents during queries. If left blank, the actual MIME type will be returned. Due to the architecture of ApplicationXtender, this can be time-consuming, impacting query performance.
  • 'RenderServer
    • Populates a new property > **Render Format**: This allows you to choose PDF or TIF. Documents will be rendered according to your choice.
    • Populates a second property > **Render Timeout**: Default is "120". This allows you to set, in seconds, the amount of time spent rendering before a timeout error. The larger the repository, the more time you may need before timeout.
Extended Properties (0 values) You can choose from a list of optional properties from ApplicationXtender to be included on your documents. The options are as follows
  • AxApplicationId
  • AxDataSourceName
  • AxIsOnRetention
  • AxIsOnRetentionHold
  • AxPageCount
  • AxType
  • AxEndingRetentionDate
  • AxHoldLabel
  • AxCommands
  • AxDocId
  • AxSubject
  • AxTitle
  • AxKeywords
Request Full Text License False As "False" by default, new or modified documents will be submitted to the full text index server configured for ApplicationXtender.

Setting this to "True" populates a new property > **Full Text Job Queue Name**: You can enter the name of the full text indexing queue you want to submit documents to.  Left blank, new documents will be added without triggering full text indexing.

Note: Choosing "True" requires the AX user account used to establish the CMIS connection to have administrative privileges on the repository server.

Timeout 30 The time, in seconds, it takes to hear back from AppXtender Web Services before a timeout error occurs.
Merge Action None This controls how documents are added to the ApplicationXtender repository when confronted with duplicate document index values. This can be one of three values.
  • None - All documents will be added as new ApplicationXtender documents
  • Append - Adds the current document's pages to the end of the existing document.
  • Prepend - Inserts the current document's pages to the beginning of the existing document.

Note: This feature requires that the target AX Application have the 'Part of Unique Key' flag enabled on at least one index field. Fields with this flag enabled will be used in a query prior to each document being exported. If a document is returned, the export will append/pre-pend the current Grooper document. Otherwise, a new document will be exported.

Ignore Duplicate Index False Setting this to "True" will ignore existing documents with duplicate indexes when exporting.
Ignore Document Level Security False Setting this to "True" will ignore any document-level security when exporting.