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Batch Folders are part of the organizational hierarchy of Batches used to process documents in Grooper. They represent both "folders" as well as "documents" in a Batch.

First and foremost, Batch Folders are used to encapsulate and represent individual documents. A "document", from Grooper's perspective, is a folder with pages inside. It is a Batch Folder object with child Batch Page objects, one for each page of the document.

Secondarily, Batch Folders are used to create a folder hierarchy in a Batch, simply acting as folders containing other Batch Folders.

To avoid confusion, Batch Folders acting as documents are often referred to as "document folders".


Batch Folders may be inserted manually by users in the "Batch Viewer" of Grooper Design Studio or Attended Activities, such as Classify Review.

Batch Folder creation is automated during document Separation, organizing pages into document folders according to an assigned Separation Provider.