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Performing data lookups on CMIS sources like SharePoint can be a powerful data integration tool.

A base Content Model for use with this article can be found here. It is not required to download to understand this article, but can be helpful because it can be used to follow along with the content of this article. This file was exported from and meant for use in Grooper 2.9


Grooper uses the CMIS protocol to connect to a variety of Content Management Systems. This connection can be used to integrate data in powerful ways by allowing the collection of one (or sometimes many) fields of information within a model in Grooper (let's call it Field A), then leveraging that extracted data point against the column of like information in the Content Management system (called Column A) to then pass back other desired fields from other columns in the same row of information.

How To

The most basic thing to understand about performing a lookup in Grooper is what the Lookup Field is and what the Target Field(s) is(are). The Lookup Field is the trigger, and the Target Fields are the result.
Put another way, the Lookup Field is what will be populated with information from an Activity like Extract. This field will then be "bounced" off of the source of data to supply the remaining fileds, or the Target Fields.

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