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Compile Stats gives useful information on your Grooper models.

Analytics for the tool that feeds analytics!


Compile Stats is a command in Grooper that creates a list and count of object types at the Content Model, Content Category, and Document Type levels. Information about the size and contents of your models can be very useful in helping you make decisions about what you're building, and why.

You can also use this information for understanding how a complex model changes over time, especially when many people are working on a single model together.

How To

  1. Select an appropriate Content Type (Content Model, Content Category, or Document Type) from the node tree.
  2. Press the Compile Stats button.
  3. The output is a simple Text Viewer giving a count of all the appropriate child objects.
Compile stats.png

Version Differences

Prior to Grooper 2.9 the Compile Stats command did not exist.