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Graphic depicting the Grooper Document Viewer.

The Grooper Document viewer is the portal to your documents.


The Document Viewer allows users to view documents! It comes equipped with several different tools and settings that let you see what you need to see the way you need to see it.

Like the Batch Viewer, there is no one place the Document Viewer exists. As you navigate through Grooper anytime there is some kind of interface that needs you to view a document, or page, it will be present somewhere within the UI. These include, but are not limited to:

  • general viewing of batch contents when using a Batch Viewer anywhere
  • seeing the effects of an Image Processing Profile and using that visual feedback to make adjustments to said profile
  • when writing regular expression patterns and viewing the highlighted results
  • when testing extraction on any extractor, or even a full Data Model
  • when reviewing information like Classification, or Extraction
This is an example image of the Document Viewer in Grooper.

How To

Understanding the Document Viewer means knowing the functionality of its main toolset.

Interface Tools

Document Viewer Toolbar

The Document Viewer Toolbar runs along the top of the pane on the right of the screen, just above the document you are viewing. (Some buttons do not apply to certain file types and will be hidden in those contexts.)

Document viewer 02.png

Select Tool

This lets the user make a text based selection

Document viewer 03.png

Pan Tool

This lets the user re-position the document in the viewer typically as a result of it being at some level of zoom.

Document viewer 04.png

Select Region Tool

This lets the user draw a rectangular marquee for selection purposes.

Document viewer 05.png

Zoom Tools

Zoom Tool

This lets users make a rectangular zoom selection and fits that selection to the display window.

Document viewer 06.png

Magnify Tool

This lets users click & drag to see a magnified overlay window, great for viewing character or image quality details close-up.

Document viewer 07.png

Classic Zoom Tools

  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Actual Size
  • Fit window
  • Fit to width
  • Fit to height
Document viewer 08.png

Transform and File System Tools

Rotate Tools

These tools allow the user to rotate the document in 90° in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion.

Document viewer 09.png

Print and Save Page Tools

These tools allow a user to either print or save (as a PDF, among other image formats) the currently displayed page.

Document viewer 10.png

Document Viewer Options

The Document Viewer Options allow a user to adjust Anti-Aliasing/font smoothing settings, as well as allows users to show/hide Tooltips and Annotations.

Document viewer 11.png

Document Navigation and Rendition

Navigation Buttons

  • |< Go to First Page
  • <- Go back a page
  • Key in page number
  • -> Go forward a page
  • >| Go to Last Page
Document viewer 12.png

Rendition Selector

This drop-down lets the user select which rendition of the file to display. For OCR’ed documents, you can choose between the image or the OCR text. For PDF documents that have been Recognized, you can view the PDF in its Native Format or its Character Data renditions. XML-Based Word and Excel Documents (.docx and .xslx files from Office 2007 onward) can be viewed their component XML files, where users can see versioning, formatting, style, application, workbook, sheet, and other information within the document.

Document viewer 13.png

Document viewer 14.png

Page View Tools

ScanOnce Adjustments

  1. Changes the display format of the current page to color.
  2. Changes the display format of the current page to grayscale.
  3. Changes the display format of the current page to black and white.
  4. After applying one of the previous color space adjustments, this button will highlight and allow you to open a menu specific to that color adjustment to fine tune the change.
  5. This will remove any of the changes made from the previous buttons and revert the page back to its original state.
Document viewer 15.png
  1. This is the menu mentioned in Step 4. This is an example of the tools available for the color and grayscale options. The black and white menu is slightly different in that it doesn’t provide sliders for adjustment, but instead a drop-down of choices for what style of thresholding you wish to apply.
  1. Adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.
  2. Crop the image to a rectangular region.
  3. Inverts the polarity of the image.
  4. Adjust the gamma correction level of the image.
  5. Undo image adjustments.
    • These adjustments have interface windows like the one seen in step 6.
Document viewer 15b.png

Version Differences

Prior to Grooper 2.9 the Rendition Selector, and most of the image adjustment tools on pages did not exist.