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The OneDrive Connection Type is a CMIS Binding that connects Grooper to Microsoft OneDrive cloud services.

It provides access to OneDrive Personal or OneDrive for Business drives and SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server 2016 document libraries. More or less, all you have to do is sync Grooper and OneDrive by logging in using your OneDrive credentials and you can import from and export to your OneDrive folders. OneDrive drives and SharePoint libraries can be individually imported as a CMIS Repository. Each will expose themselves as hierarchical file system (HFS), where folders and files are represented by simple object types. As such, this binding is suitable for Unmapped rather than Mapped Export. You can still export metadata as a "buddy file" adjusting the Metadata Export property in the Unmapped Export Settings.

FYI The OneDrive binding also provides access to files stored in SharePoint

Version Differences

Connectivity to Microsoft OneDrive is brand new to version 2.72!

! As of 2.72, the OneDrive binding does not support search queries.  A future version should support full-text searches and expanded access to SharePoint libraries.

How To: Create a New Microsoft OneDrive Connection

Expand the "Infrastructure" node.  Right click the "CMIS Connections" folder.  Mouse over "Add" and select "CMIS Connection...".


In the "Connection Properties" panel, select "OneDrive" from the "Connection Type" drop down list. Expand the "Connection Settings" heading and the "Login" heading under that.  Select "Authentication" and press the ellipsis button at the end of the line.


Log in using credentials with a Microsoft account.

After you "Save", press the "List Repositories" button to show the folder paths you just added as repositories.


Select "Import Repository" to bring in these repositories for Grooper to import and export to the corresponding folders in the connected file system.  The red circle on the upper right corner of the icon will go from red to green once the repository is imported.


More on Mapped vs Unmapped Export

While you are not able to export all a document's metadata like you can when connecting to a CMIS compliant system, you can still utilize the Mapped Export provider to do things like change the filename to a data model field.  You can also create foldering and map their names to variables in a content model.

All those mappings would be assigned on the "Content Types" of your repository.

Node tree one drive cmis content type.png


You cannot, however, export a metadata file using CMIS Export#Mapped Export|Mapped Export]].  If you also want to export an XML document, for example, you would need to add a second Document Export step to your Batch process, use the Unmapped Export provider, and adjust the "Metadata Export" settings in Export Settings.