SFTP (CMIS Binding)

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The SFTP connection type is a CMIS Binding that connects Grooper to SFTP directories for import and export operations. 

The connected SFTP directory or directories are exposed as a CMIS Repository, mimicking its file system hierarchy as well. Once connected, you can import, export, search, and browse documents from Grooper.

The SFTP binding can be used for import operations via CMIS Import using either "Import Descendants" or "Import Query Results". It can be used for export operations via the Document Export activity.

SFTP directories use a a hierarchical file system (HFS), where folders and files are represented by simple object types.  As such, this binding is suitable for the Unmapped Export provider rather than the Mapped Export provider.  You can still export metadata as a "buddy file" by adjusting the "Metadata Export" property in the Document Export activity's Export Settings.

The SFTP Connection Type works largely the same as the FTP Connection Type.  However, it uses SFTP protocol instead.  How you set it up and use it within Grooper is functionally the same.

Version Differences

Prior to 2.72, connections to SFTP directories would have used the SFTP Import and SFTP Export providers. While these providers still exists in Grooper as Legacy Import and Legacy Export providers, they are depreciated components and no longer recommended for use. For increased functionality in 2.72, create an SFTP Connection Type and utilize the new CMIS Import and CMIS Export capabilities.