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Undo Separation is a Separation Provider. Instead of putting loose Batch Pages into Batch Folders, this Separation Provider removes Batch Folders, leaving only loose pages.

If done at the Batch level (by setting the Separation activity's Scope property to Batch), this would remove all folders in the Batch. Only loose pages would remain. However, this can be done at the folder level as well. If you have a situation where your Batch has two folder levels but one needs to be removed, Undo Separation will remove folders up to the level specified (i.e. If you set the Separation activity's scope to Folder and folder level to 1, all folders below the first folder level would be removed. Any pages in folders below the first level would be appended to the folder level above it.)


The original Batch with three Batch Folder levels Undo Separation ran at the Batch scope.
  • All folders are removed.
Undo Separation ran at Folder > Level 1" scope.
  • All folders below the first level are removed.
Undo Separation ran at Folder > Level 2 scope.
  • All folders below the second level are removed.
Undo separation 1.png
Undo separation 4.png
Undo separation 2.png
Undo separation 3.png