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Data Connections are created to connect a Grooper Repository to an external database.  The Data Connection stores all information needed to access the database.  Once connected, Grooper has both read and write access to tables in the database (assuming you have those user rights in the database).

Grooper can connect to a Microsoft SQL Server or any ODBC-compliant provider. External database table information can be accessed in Grooper by importing a table reference. This will create a Database Table child under the Data Connection in the Node Tree.

Data Connections can be used to look up values in an external database table.  They are also used to export extracted data from Grooper Data Elements to an existing database table.  Furthermore, a new table in a connected database can be created from Grooper using Data Elements from a Data Model.

How to create Data Connections and use them to to export data is discussed more in depth in the Data Export article.