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The FileBound CMIS Binding defines a connection to the Filebound document management platform.

Exposes FileBound projects as repositories. Connectivity is via the FileBound web server or via a SQL database connection.

Queries via FileBound CMIS are executed in the context of FileBound files. CMIS content actions (import, export, update properties, etc) are performed on FileBound documents. If Full Text is enabled in a FileBound project's settings, then the repository will support querying of both the metadata (index fields) and full text content. Otherwise, only metadata can be queried. Full text searches find exact substrings in the body of the document. FileBound only supports the use of one CONTAINS() predicate.

Content hiearchy can be achieved in FileBound with Dividers and Separators:

■ File


    ¤ Separator


        ¤ Divider

            |- document01.tif

        ¤ Divider

            |- document02.docx

            |_ etc..

On import, this hierarchy can be replicated in Grooper by mapping the Separator and/or Divider to the 'Import Folder Mappings' in the import configuration.

On export, this hierarchy can be created in FileBound by mapping values to the Separator and/or Divider field mappings in the export configuration.