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File System Export is a Legacy Export provider allowing users to export using the Windows file system during the Document Export activity.

! File System Export is one of the depreciated Legacy Export providers as of version 2.72. Going forward, it is considered best practice to use a CMIS Export provider with the appropriate Connection Type. The CMIS Binding equivalent to File System Export is the "NTFS" Connection Type.

Fse2.png There are a few options under the Export Settings property of the Document Export activity when selecting "File System Export":
  • You will define your base export folder under the "General" heading.
  • The "File Export Settings" heading allows you to control some of the format settings of the output files. For example, you can change the exported file type to a PDF here.
  • You can set the file and folder naming according to a Content Type (such as a Content Model) under File and Directory Naming.
  • You can export a metadata "buddy file" (including XML and JSON files) using the "Metadata Export" setting.