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This is a snippet of the Grooper Design Studio UI showing the Training Set batch.

The Training Set batch is more convenient way to work with all of the samples a Content Model has been trained against

A Content Model and accompanying set of Batches can be downloaded here. It is not required to download to understand this article, but can be helpful because it can be used to follow along with the steps in this article. This file was exported from and meant for use in Grooper 2.9


During the development and training of TF-IDF Classification in a Grooper Content Model, it can be challenging to keep track of all of the samples that are used during training. In previous versions, each trained sample was stored under each content type in the Grooper Design Studio node tree. In 2.9, the trained samples are stored both under each content type and in the Training Set batch.

How To

Following is an example of how to perform TF-IDF classification that creates the Training Set batch. In the example content model, there are five different content types from three different batches.

! Some of the tabs in this tutorial are longer than the others. Please scroll to the bottom of each step's tab before going to the step.


Following these steps assumes you already have a content model created up with Lexical set as the Classification Method and the appropriate Text Feature Extractor selected. In the example content model, this property is set to Words(Stemmed)

Training Batch02.PNG

Train Content Types

1. Browse to the Content Model' node and select the Classification Testing tab on the right.
2. Select the appropriate batch in the Batch drop down.
3. Select the document to be trained and select Train Document

Training Batch03.PNG

4. Repeat these steps for remaining Content Types. In the example Content Model provided, train all five Content Types from all three example batches

Review the Training Set batch

As you train your content types you will see a Training Set batch begin to populate under the Local Resources folder.
A Grooper engineer can review and keep track off all of the documents that have been used for 'TF-IDF Classification training. As the development cycle of Classification continues and more content types are training, the Grooper Engineer now has a single place to review, test and perform regression testing for Classification

Training Batch04.PNG

It is important to understand that the Training Set is not tied to the actual TF-IDF Weightings that is associated with the Content Type or Content Category. Purging the training from a Content Model does not delete any or all of the documents in the Training Set. Conversely, deleting a document from the Training Set does not remove or purge anyTF-IDF Weightings from a Content Type or Content Category.

Version Differences

Versions prior to Grooper 2.9 do not automatically generate a Training Set batch in the Local Resources folder