Five Phases of Grooper

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Working with Grooper is made easier by considering how documents move through this system.


Grooper is a transient system that is meant to allow documents to move through it. The work that is done in Grooper builds the scaffolding that allows the movement through the system which ultimately produces data that is impactful to your business. In working with Grooper, it is best to think about the flow of the documents through the system in five linear phases:

  1. Acquire
    • This is the first phase of the life of a document in Grooper. This is essentially the act of getting the document(s) into Grooper via means such as scanning or some type of electronic import.
  2. Condition
    • After documents come into Grooper, they next need to be made ready for processing, or conditioned. This consists of Image Processing and the Recognition of text.
  3. Organize
    • With cleaned up documents, and access to the documents' text, its critical to next identify/organize them, or specifically in Grooper, Classify them. Grooper doesn't know what to do with a document unless it knows what type of document it is, and that's the point of the activities performed in this phase. An example to consider what is done here is to think about a person given a stack of documents who is tasked with putting those documents in a filing cabinet. In order for the documents to go into the right area in the filing cabinet, the person would have to know the differences between the documents and be able to identify them.
  4. Collect
    • Now knowing what document is what, it is time to extract the desired information from the documents. From a construction perspective, the scaffolding required to accomplish the activities performed in this phase will take the most amount of time and effort.
  5. Deliver
    • Finally, it's time for the collected data to make its way out of Grooper to whatever destination system is defined by your business. This is, in a way, an inverse of Acquire, and the systems that things come in through, often mirror the systems they go to.

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